7 signs your fridge is dying

7 Signs Your Fridge is Dying
There’s nothing worse than your fridge giving out. Predictably, the worst always happens when you’ve just fully stocked it, or it’s the hottest day of the year. But worry not – before your fridge decides to give up the ghost completely, we’ve covered a few of the signs to spot to see whether your refrigerator is on the way out. Or if it has plenty of life in it yet. Here are seven of the signs that your fridge is dying. It might be time to add a shiny new appliance to your shopping list if you’ve noticed any of these:

1. Far too frequent defrosting

A slightly frosty freezer isn’t a cause for concern if it’s been a long time since your last clean. But if the ice is overtaking everything inside, this can be a sign that your fridge is on its last legs. One sure-fire way to check is to do a complete defrost and wait to see how long it takes for everything to build up again. The quicker it is, the surer you should be that a new fridge is on the horizon.

2. Your food is going off fast

If your freshly purchased produce and chilled ready meals are going off far quicker than you’d expect them to, this is a sign that your fridge isn’t doing its best job. Try pulling some food from the fridge right now – if it’s not cool to the touch, this could be a sign that your fridge is no longer operating at a safe temperature. Time for something new, maybe?

3. Your fridge motor is heating up the kitchen

Fridges will always run on the warmer side, as a hotter exterior is part of how they keep the interior cool by pulling away all the warmth. But if your motor is reaching temperatures that make your kitchen toasty, it probably isn’t doing well. You may be able to replace or repair the motor itself, but it may be preferable to opt for something newer in some cases.

4. Your fridge has passed the decade mark

Ten years of service is about average for most fridges, so you can expect to see less efficiency as time goes on. Unfortunately, appliances don’t tend to age gracefully, and a 15–20-year-old fridge is unlikely to be easily repairable or stand the test of time. If your fridge is pushing it in years, it might be time to find something sparkly and new.

5. Strange noises and loud motors

Fridges do make some noises, whether it’s a low buzz or a soft clunk, every now and then. But they shouldn’t be making a loud enough noise to be noticeable 24/7. If you are struggling to hear the TV over your fridge, that’s a clear sign there’s a problem going on. As a test, try to unplug your fridge. If the noise persists once the power is off, that’s probably not an easy fix. That sounds like it’s time to get shopping.

6. Mould, mildew and water aplenty

A fridge that’s sweating or has puddles of water building up is a fridge that isn’t keeping your produce cool enough. Mould and mildew are also classic signs of a refrigerator that lets in warmth. This build-up of water might mean the seal around your fridge is faulty, or it could indicate an issue with the temperature gauge itself – either way, swift repair or replacement is needed to avoid food going off fast.

7. Sudden increases in your monthly bills

No one likes to see a big bump in the money they are paying each month. If you’ve noticed your electric bill climbing, this could suggest a lack of efficiency in your household appliances. Old fridges are common culprits of expensive bills, as they work harder to keep your food cool. A new, eco-friendly and energy-efficient fridge is the best way to reduce your bill and prevent unexpected costs when you want them the least.

What should you do if your fridge is dying?

That depends on exactly what the problem is. In some cases, calling out a specialist repair service can be the best way to resolve fridge issues. An expert can quickly diagnose problems and provide solutions if your fridge is relatively new – or at least younger than ten years. In some cases, this may mean replacing a simple seal or an affordable part on the fridge itself. At Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing, we specialise in all kinds of repairs and services, from hot water to toilets to household appliances servicing in Victoria. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable team to check your fridge, we’re the best people for the job. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you revive your dead fridge today.

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