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Leaking Tap Repairs

Don’t let money flow out of your leaky tap!

A leaky tap isn’t just annoying for the drip, drip, drip sound it produces. It is costly too. That innocent drip adds up to a lot over time. Act now to get your leaking tap repairs done!

For over 30 years, we have been attending to leaking taps in Melbourne homes. As licensed and fully certified plumbers, you are assured of the excellent quality of work. We don’t just stop water dripping from your tap. We stop money flowing out of your bank account in high water bills and charges.

We provide a comprehensive list of plumbing works. You can stop reading up on ‘How to repair a leaking mixer tap’! From kitchen sink taps and mixers to showers and vanity sink taps, we have the tools, skills and experience to make them flow. Our team of plumbers are known for their reliability and integrity. They take the time to explain the source of the problem and solution. Where appropriate, they will highlight alternative solutions.

You can expect clarity and transparency in our services. We keep the surprises to how good the work has been done, not hidden costs. Keeping you informed is a step we take to keep the cost of the work affordable. By keeping you informed, you will have a good understanding of our capabilities and expertise. Experience it, and not just read or hear about it.

With the expertise and experience we have, we provide customers with tips and advice on how to get the best out of their taps and mixers. Helping you keep the cost of water consumption affordable is something we are mindful as well. High water bills caused by leaky or malfunctioning taps are high enough.

Doing-it-yourself or hiring unlicensed plumbers may stop the leak. But it might appear elsewhere. When it does, it could be bigger or more damaging. Rest assured the cost of repairing will rise too. Beyond that, your home insurance coverage may not cover for work done by unlicensed plumbers. You will be looking at a huge leak in your wallet!

And yes, you or your unlicensed plumber may have flouted some rules as well. A penalty is the last thing you want to deal with just from a leaky tap. Neither you nor an unlicensed plumber may have the knowledge. From a leaky tap, you could be looking at the water gushing out from more places than one.

Stop the leak, keep the flow. Licensed and fully certified plumbers get the job done better, faster and affordably. Don’t take the risk of a major plumbing fault that can be more costly and disruptive by doing-it-yourself or hiring unlicensed or inexperienced plumbers.

If you’re looking to stop a leaky tap, install, replace or repair your plumbing system, book an appointment today. We will attend to your call promptly. We will do a complete assessment of the problem and advise you accordingly. Call us now!

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