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Hot Water Services & Repairs

Whatever season it is, it’s nice to start or end the day with a hot shower. It wakes you up to start a brand new day recharged or melts away tired minds and bodies at the end of the day. A nice hot shower is more than just a cleansing ritual; it bookmarks the day.

For over 30 years, we have been helping thousands of homes start or end the day well by making sure their hot shower systems are well and good. We have helped them to:

  1. Select the hot system best for their home – gas, electric or solar
  2. Install their hot water system
  3. Repair and maintenance works

We are licensed and fully certified plumbers. We have built a reputation in Melbourne around the reliability and integrity of our work. Customers can expect to receive the quality of work they deserve from experience and highly skilled plumbers. Ensuring your hot shower is ever-flowing is the benchmark we have set.

We provide a comprehensive list of hot water repair works in Melbourne. Whether it’s the storage tanks or gas hot water repairs, we ensure your hot water service isn’t disrupted. There isn’t much we have not seen and attended to in the last 30 years. Keeping ourselves updated on the latest systems and technology is a trademark of the business. Whether it is gas, electric or solar, we have the tools and expertise to make them flow right for you.

We strive to keep the cost of the work affordable. With the expertise and experience of the team, our assessment of the work to be done helps identify what matters most. It saves you money and time on unnecessary work, which less qualified or unlicensed plumbers may not be able to provide. Before the work starts, we will take you through the steps and parts needed. You will receive a clear and transparent quote with no hidden cost surprises.

Our focus on keeping the cost affordable doesn’t stop there. Like any household, we are conscious of the importance of keeping the running cost of your hot water system as low as possible without compromising on the flow. Making sure they run efficiently is a priority of the work we do for you. We will help you make them energy and water-efficient. We share with you tips to get the best out of your hot water system. Keep that nasty energy and water bills away.

Does the sudden trickle of cold water while having a hot shower ‘shocks’ you? Will the weak flow of hot water keep you longer in the shower? Is your energy and water bill splashing out of control? You don’t have to put up with these every morning or evening. And you don’t have to settle for less to get the best out of your hot water system.

Feel refreshed with every hot shower. Let us help you get the best out of your hot water system. Call us now!

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