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Gas and water leaks are a common problem for home and business owners across Australia. These issues are often caused by badly maintained or poorly fitted systems which left unchecked can cause serious damage to your property.

So if you have a leak it’s important that you get it checked out sooner rather than later. But the problem with gas and water leaks is that they are often not easy to identify. That’s why you need to choose a reputable plumbing engineer with the right mix of tools, skills and experience to identify and fix leaks quickly.

Gas leak detection

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous issues most home and business owners face. If left unchecked a gas leak poses a serious risk to life. So if you smell gas you should contact a licenced gas engineer immediately.

DO NOT try to identify the cause of the leak yourself. Gas leaks are notoriously difficult to locate, which is why we invest in the latest leak detectors and equipment. The best solution is to call a local emergency plumber as soon as possible.

We operate a 24/7 gas leak detection service across the Melbourne area. Our team of emergency engineers are fully certified to locate and fix gas leaks in both residential and commercial properties. And with 30+ years experience providing leak detection services we have the knowledge, skills and experience to locate and fix leaks quickly.

So if you smell gas, call our emergency hotline today on 9017 5092.

Water leak detection

Hidden water leaks can cause serious damage to the underlying structure of your home. In a worst-case scenario, ceilings can collapse, but even a mild leak can cause mould to grow on the surface and weaken the structure over time. So if you suspect you have a water leak it’s important that you get it checked out by a certified plumber.

As fully licensed and qualified plumbers we have the expertise to find and fix water leaks in your home or business quickly. We invest in the latest equipment including miniature cameras and pressure gauges to identify the source of the leak. And once identified we should be able to fix the problem the same day reducing the risk of major damage.

Our team of emergency plumbers have built a reputation for providing water leak detection Melbourne business and homeowners can rely on. So if you have a water leak, large or small, we can have a fully certified plumber with you within an hour to help locate and fix the problem.

If you have a water leak, call our emergency hotline today on 9017 5092.

Service you can trust

As a local family-owned business we know the importance of great service. After more than 30+ years in business serving the Melbourne area, we have built a reputation for delivering the best value service to our clients, many of whom have been with us from the start. They trust us to deliver high-quality work at affordable pricing, with no hidden costs or surcharges.

So if you have a suspected gas or water leak, don’t delay, give us a call today and we’ll get to work solving the problem quickly and without fuss.

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