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Roof Repair

All it takes is a bad storm or some high winds, and roof leaks can spring up overnight. If you suspect a tile has come off, or the roof surface has frayed, prompt attention is vital. Not only can roof leaks become bigger if left, the water dripping down into the interior of your home, business or outbuilding is likely to cause considerable damage. We are an experienced roof leak repair company that operates across Melbourne. With more than three decades of roofing jobs under our belts, we have the capacity to complete roofing repairs of all shapes and sizes.

Types of roof repair

Although we are able to work on slate, concrete, tiled or asphalt roofs, our particular specialism lies in fixing metal roofs. If you have a structure with a Colorbond, tin or corrugated roof, we’re the people to call! We can successfully complete almost any job involving a roof! Some of the commonest pieces of work we get asked to do are as follows:

  • Replace screws in metal roofs which are incorrectly sized, rusted or worn.
  • Replace, reshape or refit a piece of stack flashing which has become loosened or detached.
  • Reseal a flat roof.
  • Repair seams and/or overlaps.
  • Reseal a leaking skylight.
  • Clear gutters and repair if necessary.
  • Repair damage to the chimney.
  • Restore and repair soffits and fascias which may become weakened over time.

Spotting a leak

Many people don’t always spot when they’ve got a leak. When we’ve come out to do the roof repairs Melbourne residents need, we’ve often been surprised by how subtle the signs of a leak can be. Some of the indications that you could be suffering from a leaking roof include:

  • A water stain: if you’ve got a brownish stain on your ceiling, this is indicative of a leak.
  • Damp spots on your interior or exterior walls.
  • Missing tiles or other evidence of roof damage.
  • Moss or algae growing in a patch on your wall.
  • Dripping water.

Types of roof repair

Depending on the type of problem you have, we can offer a selection of different solutions.

  • For metal roofs, we can repair seams, seals and problems caused by worn, badly fitted or incorrectly sized roofing nails.
  • Flat roofs can often be re-taped for optimal weather proofing.
  • We are able to repair or replace flashing (including curb flashing), substituting lead flashing for a more environmentally friendly lead-free flashing if preferred.
  • If your fascias are the cause of the problem, we can replace them for you, often with options which are more cost-effective and longer lasting than traditional wood fascias.
  • For broken or clogged gutters, we are able to offer a complete cleaning and repair service. If the drain beneath the guttering is blocked, we can even sort that out for you as well.

Preventative roof care

Regular gutter cleaning, as well as periodic roof and drain inspection, can ensure that your roof lasts longer and gives better service. We are always happy to come out and check that your roof hasn’t got any obvious areas of weakness: this can be particularly helpful if severe weather is forecast, or if you suspect a weakness may develop into something more serious if subject to rainfall or a high wind.

Our team aims to provide high-grade leaking roof repairs Melbourne wide. With an excellent reputation for fair pricing, expert workmanship and considerate customer care, we are a popular choice with Melbourne homes and businesses. Get in touch for a FREE assessment and no-obligation roofing quote, or to request an appointment.

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