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Gas Repairs

Poorly serviced or maintained gas appliances can cause an explosion or release toxic carbon monoxide into your home. So it is important that all gas appliances in your home or business are serviced regularly by a qualified licensed gas plumber. This will ensure all appliances are working safely and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our licensed plumbers are qualified to carry out servicing and repairs on all natural gas and LPG appliances including water heaters, stoves and ducted heating systems. Our knowledgeable engineers can carry out inspections, carbon monoxide testing and repairs to all systems giving you peace of mind that your appliances are working safely and efficiently.

The types of gas appliance servicing we provide include:

Gas heater service

Your gas heater should be serviced a minimum of every two years by a licenced gas fitter. This ensures your heater is burning gas efficiently and is not releasing high levels of carbon monoxide into your home. A service should include a carbon monoxide test, along with checking all internal components including the burner and heat exchanger are working properly.

Our licensed gas fitters have 30+ years of experience providing gas plumbing services to homes and businesses in the Melbourne area. During that time we have built a reputation for being upfront, honest and reliable company to deal with. So don’t put the safety of your family in the hands of an unqualified or inexperienced plumber.

Get your heater serviced by the professionals and contact us now.

Gas appliance servicing

Today’s homes contain several gas appliances including stoves, barbecues, fryers and ranges. These should be serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure they are operating safely. If you are not when they were last serviced it’s a good idea to get them serviced a minimum of every two years.

Our licensed gas fitters provide gas appliance services Melbourne homeowners can trust. We have experience servicing all types of domestic and commercial gas appliances including fryers, stoves and barbecues. And because we operate an upfront and honest pricing policy you won’t be hit with any hidden fees or callout charges.

If you have a gas appliance in need of servicing, get in touch with us via our Contact page.

Carbon monoxide testing

Toxic carbon monoxide (CO) is released when natural gas or LPG gas isn’t burnt efficiently. This can happen if your appliance has been fitted incorrectly, badly repaired or poorly maintained. A blocked flue, vent or chimney can also cause carbon monoxide levels to build up in the home.

So it’s important that you ensure all gas appliances in your home are working correctly and not emitting high levels of carbon monoxide. A CO test should be carried out as part of your appliances regular service. But if you have been suffering from headaches, dizziness, nausea or breathlessness it’s a good idea to get your appliances checked out.

If you are worried about an appliance in your home call our emergency hotline on 9017 5092 and get it checked out today.

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