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The most commonly used part of your house is the toilet. Everyone uses it. Hence, wear-and-tear or breakdowns are common too. Occasionally, you’ll be hit by a mishap, for example, “the toilet roll slipped!” or “flush everything away experiment”. With more people spending time at home, expect the use of the toilets to increase significantly.

Which of these toilet repair works do you need to get done?

  • Repair leaking toilet
  • Insufficient power to flush it all away
  • Choked toilet
  • Slow topping up of water
  • Loose parts

Don’t fret about them! Neither should you attempt to fix them. Nothing can be more frustrating and costly than to do the work yourself only to make it worst! Engage a licensed plumber with the local expertise and experience to flush your toilet problems away.

For over 30 years, we have been attending to thousands of homes experiencing all variety of problems with their toilets in Melbourne. As licensed plumbers, we are committed to the quality of our work as well as professional standards expected of the industry.

toilet repair

We take pride in the transparency of the work we provide. From diagnosing the problem, explaining the solution, cost and length of time needed to do the work, we keep customers fully informed. Staying away from industry jargon, our customers have come to know us for the reliability of our work and service.

Our focus is to get to the root of the problem. As certified plumbers, we have the expertise and experience ‘to dig in’ and locate the cause of the stink or stagnation. Doing this will flush away the problem once and for all, saving you time and money from similar future occurrences. It helps to keep the cost affordable too.

We aim to keep the most important facility in your home in good working condition. Our same-day service avoids or minimises disruptions to your daily routine. It can be frustrating when your morning or end of day routine is disrupted by a leak or choke in the toilet.

From the quality of the parts to the skills of our plumbers, rest assured we will flush away your toilet problems. We have saved thousands of homes from poor quality or unqualified plumbing work. They stink! Dealing with a toilet problem is frustrating enough. Do not add to your frustrations trying to solve it yourself or hiring unlicensed plumbers. It can add to the mess.

Why take the risk with the most important facility in your home? Imagine the irritating sound a runny toilet produces, the stinky smell of a choked toilet or the disgusting look of floating waste – it’s the worst start to the day anyone can have. Now, imagine the outcome of more damage done to your toilet and plumbing system as a result of poor repair works. The greater inconvenience, higher cost and heightened frustration will sure to follow.

To get your toilet problems flushed away once and for all, call us for an assessment. Reclaim your throne today!

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