5 Reasons to Install a BBQ Gas Line Connection

5 Reasons to Install a BBQ Gas Line Connection
There’s nothing that Aussies love more than a good BBQ to make the most of the sunny weather. After all, what’s better than spending an afternoon outside with your favourite dish or some simple burgers sizzling away beside you? If you’re serious about your BBQ habit, a gas line connection is an ideal way to take it up a notch. Here are five reasons you might want to get a BBQ gas line connection installed sooner rather than later:

1. Save dollars with your brand new BBQ

If you’re planning to be a first-time BBQ owner, one way you can save costs over time while keeping that like-new quality is with a gas line. While electric BBQs or gas bottle only setups may seem cheaper from the off, they’ll be costing you dollars upon dollars for every single use. Opt for a gas line, and you’re ready to go at any time with no more cost than running any other gas equipment in your kitchen.

2. Make your BBQ the go-to for fair weather dining

If you want to make the most of your BBQ with hot dogs, burgers and seafood on tap, a gas line is an ideal motivator. Not only is everything ready to go any time of the day or night, but the setup process is far more accessible too. Whether you’re planning an impromptu al fresco meal or you’re after something fun for the weekend, a gas line connection does the work for you.

3. No running out of fuel at the worst possible moment

There’s nothing worse than when your steak is just about ready and your tiny gas bottle runs out of steam. With a gas line, the fuel is unlimited. No need to run to the nearest shop to grab a new canister or go out of your way to source whatever is still open at 8 pm on a Sunday. With a gas line, your BBQ is usable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No exceptions.

4. Give the perfect all-in-one gift

Have a BBQ lover in your life? If you want to give a lifetime gift that keeps on giving, a shiny brand-new BBQ complete with its own gas line connection is the ideal way to do it. Whether it’s surprising a spouse or gifting something to extended family, if you can get around to installing a gas line, it’s the ideal way to make sure that gift gets the most use possible—peak efficiency.

5. Safety first

When it comes to gas appliances, safety is a key concern. The last thing you want is to bring risk to your backyard, and many homeowners have concerns about using gas BBQs as it is. Installing a safe, professional BBQ gas line connection ensures full certification of your BBQ setup. That means your installed gas lane is safe and sound, as tested by professionals. Are you thinking of installing a BBQ gas line in Victoria? For plumbing and gas services in Victoria, Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing is the team you want. Our family-owned business and excellent reputation for getting the job done makes us the ideal choice for your gas installation. We go above and beyond to put your safety first and ensure your BBQ is ready to go year-round. Drop us a line to get a free quote for our services today, or Get in touch with our friendly team at Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing today, and we’ll make sure it happens.

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