You need to know these instant gas hot water problems

Because instant gas hot water only heats water as you need it, this form of hot water is highly efficient, cost-effective and ensures you have hot water on demand at all times – no more cold showers.

This continuous flow of hot water saves plenty of money and electricity compared to a regular hot water tank that will heat the water whether it is being used or not. Instant gas hot water systems are also sleek and compact which makes them suitable for all properties and they can be hidden out of sight.

They have reduced carbon emissions which makes them great for the environment and they last around twice as long as traditional hot water tanks as well.

There are many advantages when it comes to instant gas hot water systems, but like any device, they need regular care and maintenance to ensure they are running smoothly.

There are telltale signs you may have an issue with your instant gas hot water system. Recognising them will enable you to call in the professionals and ensure your hot water supply is not interrupted. Here are the signs to look out for:

Your water is only coming out at a lukewarm temperature

Before calling in the professionals, check your instant gas hot water system and see if there is an issue with the thermostat. Adjust the thermostat and see if that rectifies the problem. If not, there may be an issue with the thermostat that needs to be inspected.

Another reason the water could be coming out warm is that the flow rate cannot keep up with the demand of your water usage. You can stagger your water usage, but that is not the reason you purchased an instant gas hot water system.

Getting your system installed by a professional and reputable company is essential so they can gauge your water usage and provide a system that will keep up.

If the flow rate cannot keep up, you may need to upgrade your system to avoid waiting for hot showers.

You don’t have any hot water flow at all

There are a few things to check off here. First, if you are not getting any water at all (hot or cold) check to see if there are any scheduled outages in your area.

If it is just your hot water that is out, inspect your system to see that it is turned on and running correctly to the best of your ability.

The next step is to check your gas supply. If you have other gas appliances, like your stovetop, check to see if that is working. That way you can determine if the issue is with your hot water system or gas supply.

If the issue is isolated to taps that have flow restrictions, they might not be triggering your system to engage. Try removing the low-flow device and see if that rectifies the problem.

You are getting intermittent hot and cold water

This is likely to be an issue with your gas supply. You could have a leak which means you should seek out the services of a professional gas plumber immediately for safety reasons.

You are getting less hot water, or your water pressure is weaker

There are several issues that could be causing this. Again, is it just your hot water? Or is your cold water running at a lower pressure as well? You can check the water pressure at your water main and see if that is the issue.

If the water is hot to begin with, then warm or cold, then hot again, there could be an issue with your gas supply, there may be an issue with the thermostat or you could have a blockage in one of the pipes or valves. These are all issues that will require the services of a professional gas plumber.

The pilot light is not coming on

Your instant gas hot water system needs water flow to trigger the pilot light, so there could be a chance the water flow is not strong enough to ignite it. Turn a hot water tap on full pressure and let it run for a few minutes. If that ignites the pilot light, you know your water pressure could be the issue. You can adjust your water pressure at the water main or try removing any devices that are limiting the water flow (like water-saving devices on a showerhead).

If the pilot light is still not engaging, check your other gas appliances. If they are also not working, you have an issue with your gas supply. If they are working fine, your pilot light may be faulty.

If there is an issue with your gas supply or pilot light, call in the professionals ASAP to get it rectified.

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