Why there's no water coming out of your tap - 5 tips

Why there's no water coming out of your tap - 5 tips

There’s never a good time for this to happen, but unfortunately, it does. When you turn on the tap and not even a trickle comes out, it can be frustrating. After all, living in Australia, we take it for granted the tap will never run dry. However, sometimes, things will happen which stop the flow.

For most people, it’s almost natural to reach out to a plumber when this happens. While it is an excellent step to take, it doesn’t guarantee a quick fix. Whether they can visit you the same day will depend on their schedule to a large extent. And nothing can be more exasperating than to discover much later on that you could have done something about it yourself.

Over the years, the crew at Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing has come across various cases of a dry tap. Some are serious issues, which require our attention, but for others, homeowners could have gone through some due diligence before calling in our plumbers. In this post, we share a checklist of things to do before you make that call.

1. Determine the extent of the problem

It could be just that one particular tap. But because it is the tap you use regularly or first thing in the morning, panic overwhelms you. Take a deep breath. Your next move is to check the extent of the problem – that is, if all your taps are running dry. If it’s just that particular tap, it is an isolated issue – most likely, the aerator is blocked.

But what should you do if you determine the entire house is without water?

2. Check with your neighbours

You may not be the only household without water. Whether you call, text or knock on their doors, it’s wise to check with neighbouring homes on the street to ascertain if they’re experiencing a similar problem. If they are, it’s likely a bigger issue. Hence, your next step is to head to the water authority’s website to determine if there is a disruption, whatever the cause may be. If there isn’t an announcement, it’s imperative they’re informed.

3. Check the main valve to your home

It’s usually situated right next to the meter outside of your home. If you live in an apartment block, check its location with your strata manager. While it is rare, the valve may have been mistakenly turned off. If it has been, it’s as simple as turning it back on again.

4. Are you behind on your water bill?

Again, in most households, this is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. After all, we’ve all had one of those days when the bills get ahead of us. Now, here’s the tricky bit you need to be aware of. Most, if not all, water authorities will not cut off the supply immediately because of non-payment. The first sign, which you may not realise, is reducing the flow of water into the household. It will be accompanied by a note informing you of their action. Check your inbox or mailbox. If you missed this and your account remains in arrears, that’s when the tap will be reduced to a trickle.

So, when do you call a plumber?

5. Damaged pipeliness

The pipes that bring water into your home may be damaged as a result of wear and tear. They may also be blocked by foreign particles, for example, branches and other debris. This will disrupt the smooth flow of water into your home. In this event, you’ll need to engage licensed plumbers to carry out repair work.

Are you experiencing a leaky or dry tap? Call us at Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing today.

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