Improve Health & Hygiene with a Smart Toilet

Improve Health & Hygiene with a Smart Toilet

During the COVID-19 pandemic, naturally, people are more focused on health than ever. Originally a Japanese innovation, the rest of the world is realising the fantastic hygienic benefits of smart toilets. The hands-free, self-cleaning toilet is a real step forward in infection control. It safeguards your family against germs, ensuring bugs do not circulate around the home. In the COVID era, maintaining safe hygiene in public spaces and homes has never been more important. Borrowing from and enhancing elements of the bidet, this ingenious product allays many personal hygiene concerns.

This blog outlines exactly what a smart toilet is, how it can benefit your entire household and the future of this revolutionary technology.

Smart toilet 101

Smart technology is not new. From mobile phones, TVs and much more, smart technology has permanently altered and improved the way we live. The average home is filled with smart appliances, so naturally, toilets have joined the ranks. Building on the familiar household loo, a smart toilet features technology such as:

  • Automated seat (which can be raised and lowered)
  • Hands-free flushing
  • Self-cleaning functions
  • A built-in bidet
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Deodoriser
  • Heated toilet seat
  • Night light
  • Air dryer
  • Remote control

Unfortunately, not all smart toilets will have every one of these features. However, almost all models have most of them. Regardless, the smart toilet makes your bathroom much more comfortable and hygienic.

In the post-pandemic environment, the aforementioned features are absolutely essential. These innovative functions, such as the built-in bidet, self-cleaning capabilities and hands-free flushing make hygiene concerns a thing of the past.

Install or repair your smart toilet today and experience the latest Japanese technology – all without leaving your home!

No toilet paper? No worries!

As the health situation constantly changes, Australia’s experiencing ongoing lockdowns. As a consequence, panic buying has become prevalent. One of the most coveted items? Toilet paper. This chronic shortage is a source of frustration for many people – except bidet owners.

With a self-cleaning function, a bidet eliminates the need for toilet paper. The reason is, it washes your backside with a water jet. Your smart toilet utilises this same revolutionary technology. This makes toilet paper a thing of the past. So, how exactly does it work? Equipped with a nozzle at its rear, it extends to help you wash, then automatically retracts when the job is complete. And, its built-in air dryer looks after the rest. This way, you can take care of business without having to brave the crowds in search of toilet rolls.

This is a new experience for many, which may take some getting used to. However, we believe it is a far better alternative than facing the empty supermarket shelves. You’ll never have to wonder how you’re going to wipe again.

One of the leading smart toilets on the market which is making toilet paper obsolete is the Kohler Veil. This high-quality, rimless toilet features are:

  • Touchless flush function
  • Deodorising carbon filter
  • Heated air dryer
  • Heated seat, and;
  • A self-cleaning feature, which uses sterilised water and a built-in UV light.

And this complete, one-step experience is all achieved without having to use your hands.

We all know that a good toilet is a throne, yet the Kohler Veil has a rather hefty price tag. In Australia, this one-of-a-kind smart toilet will set you back $6,966.

Are you seeking an upgrade on a budget? Don’t stress, because we have the ideal solution for you. For a mere $300, a bidet toilet seat allows you to experience all the luxury of a smart toilet, for a fraction of the price. However, only a few offer a hands-free flushing option.

This accessory tends to be quite bulky, which may clash with the décor of your bathroom. And, please note, if there is no power point, you will need to have it installed by a licenced electrician. After all, the smart features will not work without access to electricity.

Smart toilets – the way of the future

While still in its infancy, the smart toilet industry is expected to grow exponentially, due largely to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID is chiefly transmitted through respiratory droplets. Therefore, it can be easily spread by touching an infected surface, such as a flush button. So, by installing hands-free toilets in your home, your bathroom is far less likely to become a point of transmission.

Or, are you looking to upgrade your toilet? If so, there are a few reputable brands that manufacture smart toilets in Australia. Along with the aforementioned Kohler Veil, Lafeme and Roco offer supreme luxury, and a wide array of hygienic features to enhance the quality of any bathroom. Each of these brands has a similar price range.

While consumers wait patiently for smart toilet technology to become more affordable, academics are adding more health features to each appliance. The Stanford Journal of Medicine recently published an article entitled “Smart Toilet Monitors for Signs of Disease”.

According to this article, there is a new technology which could become the number one source of information regarding your number twos. Dr. Sanjiv Gambhir has created a pioneering device for your toilet which detects disease markers in urine and faeces.

As Dr. Gambhir explains, “It’s sort of like buying a bidet add-on that can be mounted right into your existing toilet. And like a bidet, it has little extensions that carry out different purposes.”

Using a combination of molecular, physical and visual analysing techniques, this technology is capable of detecting kidney failure, several cancers and irritable bowel syndrome. The collected data is automatically sent to cloud-based systems and easily integrated into your health provider’s records.

Dr. Gambhir believes the smart toilet is the ideal way to gather data which is generally ignored. And, it requires no further effort on the user’s behalf. Although still in the early stages, the technology has limitless potential to detect disease outbreaks.

If you’re constantly reaching for sanitiser, a smart toilet will do more than ease your mind. And, who knows, one day you may be able to proclaim, “that smart toilet saved my life!”

At Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing, we know toilet repairs simply cannot wait. To fix your current toilet or upgrade to a smart toilet, contact us today.

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