How to turn your water off in an emergency?

How to turn your water off in an emergency?

Ever been in a situation where you’ve found a leak in your home? Whether it’s a small trickle from a sink cabinet or a full-on flood, the most important thing to do is not panic. Switching off your water as quickly as possible in an emergency is the first thing you should do before you get on the phone with our expert plumbers.

For some homes, sourcing your water supply is a quick and easy task. For others, it may take a bit more insight and information to connect the dots. Luckily, our experts at Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing know all there is to know about water supply lines – and we’re here to help. This straightforward guide will talk you through the steps for emergency water shut-off to help you make the right choices:

Step one: Locate your supply

The first step to turning off your water supply is finding out where it is. If you’re already familiar with your home’s supply, you can skip straight to step two. For many suburban properties, water meters are located to the front of your property, typically in the lawn or a garden bed. Duplexes may have a water supply located in the front, side or back of your property. Make sure it’s the water meter for your property instead of the mains for the phone block before you turn it off.

Step two: Find the correct tools

Depending on the nature of the supply, you may need specific tools to hand to turn the water off. This could include pliers or a shifting wrench to turn the handle physically. If you don’t have access to tools, the next best thing is to call an emergency plumber to switch the water off as quickly as possible.

Step three: Turn off the supply

Shut off the supply, and your home should be free of leaks. At this point, you should call a plumber in, and you can also go about damage control of clearing up flooded areas and puddles. If your water supply to your home doesn’t seem to be shutting off the flow, contact a plumber as soon as possible for help and guidance.

Live in an apartment block?

Even if you live in an apartment building, there is usually a way to shut off the water yourself. In newer buildings, all utilities may be included in one cabinet – so you must check that you’re shutting off power to the correct apartment before you act. In older apartment blocks, water meters are generally found in basement or underground car park areas.

What about non-residential properties?

For factories and office buildings with a plumbing emergency, water meters are typically located to the front of the property. As these are industrial or commercial water supplies, you may need specific tools to shut off the water. Some complexes may also have individual water supplies near the doors or each building.

Once you’ve successfully controlled the water to your property or home, the next step is to get a qualified plumber on-site to resolve the ongoing plumbing issue. At Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing, we’re available around the clock to fix emergency issues. Why not give us a call now to get a free quote for our services?

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