Help, My Gutters are Overflowing!

Help, My Gutters are Overflowing!

Your roof does much more than stop water from seeping in. Essentially, it’s a large catchment diverting water from your home, and your gutters are a crucial part of this. Therefore, overflowing gutters lead to massive and costly problems.

Although gutters often overflow in heavy storms, gutters are designed to withstand reasonable rainfall. To determine whether your gutter’s overflow is acceptable, simply consult the Australian Building Code’s Board calculator.

What causes overflow?

Gutters can overflow for many reasons. It may be caused by a debris build-up of dirt and leaves in downpipes and gutters. Rust and corrosion can result in leaking gutters. Or, even worse, if installed incorrectly, your gutters will not capture any water at all.

Debris build-up

When examining your gutters, you’ll find more than water. Leaves, dirt and parts of roof tile can collect within them. Although some debris is normal, too much will prevent water from reaching your downpipes and drain. This results in water overflowing from your gutters.

Corrosion and rust

Is overflow occurring in one spot? In this case, the cause is often a leak. Cracks, rust and corrosion can all cause gutters to leak.

Incorrect installation

Gutter installation is more complicated than simply attaching it to the roof’s fascia. More often than you may think, gutters are improperly installed. Naturally, this causes excessive overflow. During installation, your roofer must consider the following:

  • Gutter size – If they are too small, an excessive volume of rainwater cannot be contained
  • Tilt and pitch – When the tilt is too shallow, water cannot travel to the downpipe and the water will pool in one area. If the tilt is too steep, it overflows.
  • Overhanging roof tiles – The overhang must be precise. When it is too short or too long, water won’t even reach the gutters.

Any of the above factors can be the culprit.

Why overflowing gutters cause problems

An overflowing gutter causes many problems. Too much water will damage your home’s exterior. This damage is quite unattractive, reducing your home’s curb appeal and causes significant structural defects. Damage to the home’s structural integrity is costly and difficult to fix.

Excessive debris collected in your gutters and downpipes is one of the most common causes of drain blockage. Blocked drains force water to collect and gather around your drain, instead of draining away. While stagnant water and clogged drains are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

How do you repair overflowing gutters?

An overflowing gutter is a serious problem. In fact, it is often easier to prevent it than to repair them once they become damaged. Fortunately, maintenance is not overly complicated. Simply grab your ladder occasionally and examine your gutter’s condition.

Have you noticed a build-up of leaves and general debris? More often than not, this is the cause of an overflow. As soon as you notice it, it’s crucial to give it a thorough cleaning.

To ensure your gutters do not overflow, simply contact the experts at Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing for comprehensive cleaning and maintenance (insert link). We will perform a thorough gutter check twice a year. Although this is a chore many do themselves, we believe you should entrust our experts. You can rest assured we will get the job done right, the first time, every time.

Other causes of gutter overflow

Have you noticed that the paint on your gutter looks a little different lately? If not dealt with promptly, this can signal serious problems. Along with errant leaves and debris, there are many other reasons your roof’s gutter can overflow. Another chief cause is bubbling paint and general discolouration. The most likely reason is rust collecting underneath the paint. The bad news is, this is not an easy issue to rectify. To be properly repaired, that entire segment of the gutter must be replaced.

If your guttering was not properly installed, do not hesitate to call in the experts. At Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing, we handle even the most complex plumbing needs with ease.

Whether you require gutter maintenance, a total replacement, a downpipe cut-in, or anything in between – we can do it all.

Don’t put up with an overflowing gutter for one moment longer. Call or email the team at Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing today.

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