Why is My Sink Gurgling?

Why is My Sink Gurgling?

A smoothly draining sink is something that you may not really think about – it just happens. However, if you have begun to notice that your sink is making some strange sounds when draining, then you know there must be a problem. Don’t think that just because the sound is the only issue, it doesn’t need to be dealt with. It doesn’t pay to ignore issues with your sink – so what can cause these gurgling sounds, and what should you do when it happens?

Clogs and blockages

Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom sink that is gurgling, a clog is the most likely culprit. In the kitchen, it is all too easy for food waste and oil to build up and create a blockage that can cause slow draining water and that unpleasant gurgling sound. In the bathroom, soap and hair are the usual suspects.

The noise you hear is actually the water trying to move around the blockage, and if ignored this could lead to more problems in the future. For example, if your sink drains increasingly slowly, it may soon become completely blocked. While you can purchase drain cleaners to try and deal with this problem yourself, these can be damaging to your pipes, and especially to porcelain bathroom sinks. It is best to ask the advice of an expert plumber- they will be able to figure out how deep the blockage goes and the best way to deal with it.

A damaged P-Trap

So, what prevents the buildup of food and other debris when it comes to sinks? It’s a little part of the drain known as the P-trap. This works to stop the food from heading down further into your drainage system. However, if it is broken or even simply damaged, this can also cause a blockage which results in that unexpected gurgle. If this is the case, your P-trap will need to be straightened, cleaned, or perhaps even replaced.

Issues with your vent pipes

While that gurgling sound can occur from any sink, if it is localised to the kitchen sink, then this could be caused by the vents on that drain. If you are finding this when you have just moved into a new home, you may find that the vents have been improperly fitted, perhaps at an unsuitable distance from your lower drain. This can cause a vacuum which creates air and causes the gurgling you have been hearing. This can also happen in a home you have been living in for a while.

Another common vent issue is that they can become blocked. If you smell something like a sewer and your drain is gurgling, then this could mean that your vent system has a blockage and sewer gases are unable to escape your home. This can create a dangerous situation for you, as sewer gases can be unstable and could even cause a fire or explosion.

In any case, you should contact an emergency plumbing service if this seems familiar – it is far better to have this dealt with quickly.

Remember – a gurgling sink is never normal for your plumbing and a licensed plumber is the best person to fix it. If you are concerned about a strange gurgle in your sink or if you need help with any other area of plumbing, then get in touch with us. Andrew J. Robertson Plumbing is experienced in a wide range of problems with sinks, toilets, and more, and we are ready to get to the bottom of your plumbing issues. Let us know how we can help you to keep your plumbing running as normal.

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